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Liers, Jealousy and Bigots

Life is tough enough with out someone making trouble for others. This behavior is not tolerated in Heaven. So, if you like to stir the pot and cause trouble for others, well you will never see Heaven. Seems petty, right? Well, the people in Heaven get along, on every level. Cooperation and collaboration are the keys to success in Heaven.

As for Bigots… well if you cannot get along with your own humankind you will never make it in Heaven. The people in Heaven are from many different planets, galaxies and universes. Some flew. Some swam and most had four or more legs. How do you expect to get along with them if you are prejudice to your fellow man. And just because of their skin tone… that is unconscionable in God’s eyes. Laugh it up, you will live laughing and die sad.


NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-

WICKEN, WITCHES and WARLOCKS; what makes them so bad?

WICKEN, WITCHES and WARLOCKS, what makes them bad? It is a simple and obvious choice really. Good people make bad choices sometimes and there seems little you can do after the fact. They form a compelling group and strongly want you. And they want you to join them. They are similar to “good” groups of people. It boils down to one choice…

They may or may not cast spells, mix concoctions or chant text. But they have one thing in common. They decided to put themselves first. They believe they are right. They believe they know best. And, they put their wishes and demands ahead of others. They, put themselves ahead of God. They deny others the freedom to choose for themselves and chant their wicked demands over others. They worship lessor beings rather than God. But, do it in a way where they ignore God and worship another, willingly, loudly, forcefully and knowingly.

It is their willfulness that causes their demise. They wish more for themselves and less for others. They heap hatred upon others like a syrup coating upon their souls. God sees all you do, think and feel. Immediately! He knows your heart. He knows your intent. Your willfulness condemns you. Your jealousy condemns you. Your hatred condemns you. It is so simple really, simple to see what you do and want. You do not even garner pity or sorrow for your choices are overt. Live your life for that is all you will receive.

Why does God not banish these evil doers? Well, earth is a testing place, a proving ground. You need to survive among these wolves to prove your worth in Heaven. Do not fall for their sweet warm songs of greaterness and desire. They fail bigly.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-

What is your soul?


Why has science not seen your soul yet? Like photosynthesis, it is beyond our current technology to see at this time. Photosynthesis has been studied for at least a century. How the process really works still eludes scientists. We have sought the electron transfer, there is none. Photosynthesis occurs on a quantum level not an atomic level where we can see. The natural process of photosynthesis uses only calcium or magnesium from the soil for a catalyst. Scientists can “replicate” photosynthesis using platinum or palladium but still do not understand what the trees and grass have been doing for a billion years. The same reason they cannot see the human soul, it occurs at a quantum level of existence. It is a tiny barely prehensile transfer of matter and energy. The quantum entanglement of the human soul is not measurable on an atomic scale for it occurs at a subatomic level. This is the stuff that makes up electrons and the glue that hold atoms together.

Your soul is a quantum copy of your brain and thoughts. It follows to path of your brain’s synapses. It is the “you” of you. Your time as a human locks these quantum particles in place and they are almost impossible to unlock. You can’t see them with an electron microscope, they contain so little mass they cannot be weighed at death. And an entangled “copy” is in Heaven, instantly recording your every breath, heartbeat, and step. The copy is not you, you are in a body for now. The copy is informative, recording and predictive to your upcoming engagements with others. The copy is there to assist your path to your Heavenly life.

One day religion and science will meet in the same place. For example, both evolution and creationism are right and true. So all the past bickering between evolution and creationism was wasted and for naught. We just reached level three society after World War 2. Level one is plants and animals only. Level two is self aware creative and cooperative beings eligible of Heavenly Life; after Adam and Eve were given the Breath of Everlasting Life. Level three is a point of technical world wide cooperation and collaboration. Which is where we are now and why I am able to write this to you. Level four is where a society understands quantum entanglement and may travel the universes at will. Level five is a sin free environment where God may exist with us on earth (AGAIN).

Oh yes, there have been level three and level four societies on earth before humans. All were wiped out by cataclysm or left the planet. You will find some evidence  of this soon.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-

It never rains in Heaven. And other facts about Heavenly Life.

Hope you read the intro to Heaven, previous post.

It’s true, there is no weather in Heaven. Your body, though it feels real and looks real but it is made up of quantum entangled particles from your brain on earth. This was not possible before God breathed the Breath of Everlasting life into Adam and Eve. Prior to Adam, we were just like the monkeys, dogs, cats , trees and rocks; we lived and died on earth. God gave us the ability to join him in Heaven. Why? Well, if you had read previous posts you’d know already. Somehow, the Breath of Life gave us and entangled mind where we are coupled with Heaven and God can monitor our complete life and evaluate if we were compatible with the other life forms already in Heaven. So, no bigots, rapists, murders, etc are allowed. The moral code was written for our protection in Heaven. You make it great, you don’t, well you get recycled with everything else on earth.

Anyway, yes, it does not rain. But the trees and flowers grow and need tending. Evidently a lot of people here in Heaven enjoy gardening. The cool thing, when the plants grow their energy comes from their roots. When you trim a limb off, it just vanishes. Don’t know how they made it but it is cool to watch. The trees look and feel real. They have odor or smell, leaves, bark. They glow luminously but are not real in the sense they do not need water or sunlight to grow. The trees here are just as enjoyable as on earth.

In heaven you are still “you”, same mind talk, same thoughts, same thoughts controls your body’s movements. But you are made of the quantum entangled you, your soul. That is what God gave Adam and all his decedents. Because we had achieved a certain level of intelligence and cooperation and self awareness. Anyway…

Everything is built by the citizens of Heaven. All the technologies are developed by the citizens of Heaven. The things here are so technically advanced I can barely describe. Everything is made of quantum entangled particles. They can create them, organize them in a structured way to feel, look, smell and sound real. Waterfalls, look real, sound real, feels real but it is organized particles of hydrogen and oxygen. Maybe like the stuff between the atoms or the stuff that holds the atoms together. To you and I, it is water. But if you splash some on a walkway, it simply disappears, no cleanup necessary. What the water is made of is way above my knowledge level.

Cool thing is, if you want to know what the water in Heaven is made of, you can tune your mind to enter the discussion with the quantum engineers and talk with them. You can even study their processes and take the idea back to your planet and try to make it from scratch. Where do you think the “great minds” come from? Evolution? Nah, they bring ideas from Heaven and from more advanced civilizations represented in Heaven and try to remember and recreate them on earth.

The streets of gold, they are luminescent opaque entangled particles held together by some algorithm. They glow like they are gold but it is not something you would chip out a chunk and take it home, could not do anything with it if you could. It is worthless and meaningless except to walk on.

You are going to love Heaven. All you have to do is live a decent moral life to get here. You know, avoid the evil doers and all that stuff. Being religious helps, really does. Remember it is what you do, not what you know or to which religion you belong. How you treat others in the most important thing you do in life. Here, in Heaven everyone gets along. Being cooperative and collaborative is key to success. You do not have to be a genius, just kind, loving, compassionate, and fair in your dealings with others. There is no place for greed, power, vanity, bigotry, ah you know the requirements in your heart already.

Along the front edge of Heaven is a huge ball of energy and matter. It looks like a setting sun. Not so bright you can peer deep into its boiling mass and watch the Metaverse live. All the universes of which we were formed are within the ball. This is the Metaverse. This is hell. This is our universe, somewhere within this giant ball. The ones who did not qualify for eternal life are thrashed about within this ball of matter and energy and radiation. It is not sad for from their broken parts someone new and better will be made one day. Someone compatible with Heavenly life. Someone with compassion, honor, trustworthiness, love, will be made from this random ball of boiling stuff.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-


How much can I sin? And still get into Heaven?


Sin, sin,sin…

We live in a would oozing in delights and pleasures coupled with our needs and desires formulates s a toxic mix for crossing the line. So, how much is too much? Everyone wants to know. How much fruit can I eat before I condemn myself?

Initially, you have to understand why there are rules in the first place. You gotta read about the Metaverse in other postings in this blog. I’ll summarize here. The Metaverse is a large ball of molten matter, energy and heat. It operates like a sun but is more like boiling oil with semi-melted rock in it. Inside the bubbles in this hot mixture, cool spots would solidify. Each bubble was a universe. Some popped immediately. Some were rather empty. Others bumped into another and they combined. More clung to the edges and crevices of rocks. But a rare few, floated around for a long time. Long enough to allow life to form inside. We live in one of those tiny bubbles within the Metaverse.

God watched this glowing ball of boiling stuff, made completely of unorganized matter. Then He noticed, on occasion, out of complete randomness there would be instances of intelligent life. So, He began to collect these tiny lifeforms and placing them beside Himself. This is the beginning of Heaven. Now it is a lot more complicated than this, but, this is the three minute version, okay. He continued this for some time and found these life forms did not get along and some did not respect him, so the culling process began. He had to revise His standards. Still again the lifeforms brought with them all manners of misdeeds, hatred, jealousy, and abuse. The last time the life forms actually voted themselves in charge of Heaven. The last Great culling was mentioned as a “war” in Heaven in our Bible. Actually God scoped up all the afflicted ones and returned them to the Metaverse. Where they were recycled into molten matter and made into some future universe. As you can guess, the Metaverse is called “hell” but no one is condemned there. you choose to send yourself there. So God had to come up with a set of rules for the participants of Heaven to abide by to make it safe and fun to live there.

Why? Well God certainly was not lonely. He really did not need us. He could have immediately formed us with His thoughts. But, He was intrigued by us. Here are beings made of total randomness, each different, yet collectively they form a new intelligence far superior to what even God could imagine. He liked us. He loved us.

So, the rules for admission to Heavenly Life have nothing to do with you or earth. The rules are in place to develop and protect Heaven from the newcomers, who may harbor hidden evil desires within. Heaven is a happy and joyous place, it really is. A place where you can pick any job you enjoy or spend time with family and friends. Believe it or not, most enjoy singing 24-7. The morality rules may seem “a bit much” to ask for, but to keep Heaven happy, safe and healthy, rules are required.

Earth is the absolute pits for living a moral life. It is hard, we all get it. It drops down to two choices: “Live to Die  -or-  Die to Live.”  The first is easy, live your life with no regard to afterlife and when it is over, it is over, nothing more. Pretty much, just live your life as YOU choose. The second choice is more difficult. You have to be willing to give your all to live a moral life. You must be willing to die in order to live with your family and friends in Heaven. 100% your choice, period. Most humans make it to Heaven. But, they are the ones you do not notice in life. God does indeed want you to achieve Heavenly Life. Your loved ones in Heaven want you to live. Believe me you have loved ones in Heaven already rooting for you. Most you cannot remember most of your loved ones while in a living body on earth except in your dreams.

So, MOST humans will go to Heaven. Relax, do good, live honest and be fair in all your dealings with others. Avoid the seven deadly sins, protect yourself and family. Best to be “invisible” to the evil ones and their deeds. What does that mean, invisible? Do not do evil things. Do not work or play with evil people. Don’t even look at the evil ones in life. Do not engage then, just give what they demand, reduce the impact on your lives, turn away from them and live your lives with the Regality of God in your hearts. U poor? Good, it’s easier that way. U have adversity and pain and ills? That is why you are here to overcome those and prove your worth in Heaven as a overcomer and a steadfast one. Hang in there, streets of gold, lots of homes, all your friends are there.

Oh yes, most people in Heaven had four or more legs when they were alive on their planet. Some flew, some swam, but there are enough humans you never need to venture out to the other sections. Except when you want to explore and learn. I think, first you should study the older posts about God. Know Him and you know what He is looking for. There you will find the qualities for life after death. Heaven is magnanimous, no really, it is spotless, fun, relaxing and collectively we develop and achieve great and wondrous things.

I could give you a list of new commandments but the old ones are good enough. Really, nothing has changed. Well, the first nine Biblical commandments are solid. Moses insisted on the last commandment but it is still worth adapting to your religion’s traditions. Every religion has some form of the Golden Rule. It all breaks down to this:   “How you treat others in life is the most important task you must accomplish in your lifetime.” As for honoring God first, well, He KNOWS where He stands in your heart and mind. So, you need not worry so much about where you stand with God. To Him, it is obvious. To God you are with him or you are not. There is no between. Be more concerned in your dealings with others. What you do to others is where the common pitfalls lie. Bless you and hurry home.

Conversely, all the words for sexual sin in the Torah, Bible and Koran speak of actions where others are involved. Your personal private life is not mentioned at all. So, you “get in trouble” when you involve others, with whom you have no authorized business. And a special note for those who force themselves upon others and steal the innocence of youth from others. God, specifically does not allow you in Heaven. There is no rape in Heaven. Anyone who rapes another human or animal, without proper forgiveness will not see Heaven. Get your head on straight. There is no sex in Heaven, no bodily functions, no bathroom, no eating because you have a spiritual body not a physical body. So anyone who told you there are Virgins waiting for you in Heaven, lied to you. You harm another person, you die and never see Heaven.

Okay, summary? Live your life as if you are in Heaven now and you cannot go wrong. Easier to say than do, I know. Understand the difference between the physical you and the spiritual you. Only the spiritual you will be in Heaven. Your bones return to dust and will one day be come some future star or planet. So, that said, in Heaven you won’t have hunger, pain, discomfort, desires, anger, frustration, doubt, fears or hostility. Those are all because you are in the physical. The spiritual you is calm, focused, determined, level-headed and steadfast.

Oh, this is kinda quirky, but some of your mind talk will carry over so be good to yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and love. Remember, everybody has six pack abs in Heaven. Your Heavenly body feels solid, you can touch things, move things, make things in Heaven. You look marvelous in Heaven. Think of you best look, that is how you will be in Heaven. It is fun, can’t wait to see you there. Look me up, tell me if The ELHAIH helped your life. Thx.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-


Reincarnation? Yes, of sorts, for some of us, not everyone.

Reincarnation? For some of us yes. For others, no. Again, cycling through life again is not how you think it works. Ah, Everlasting life in Heaven. When you live forever in Heaven, change is difficult. You have little opportunity to overcome adversity, to hone your skills and improve yourself. For those of us willing to risk our everlasting soul, we have the opportunity to return and be born to be in the physical living life on earth again. Going through life again is fraught with perils, pitfalls and pain. You have to forget who you are, a heavenly body, and go through another life from child to adult. Some of us have to return to right a wrong from a previous life, karma demands it. Otherwise, recycled life gives us the opportunity to improve and to better prove our worth.

Sixty years on earth is less than a day in Heaven, so the commitment of an extra life is a seemingly easy and a short endeavor, a weekend off. Imagine sixty years crammed into a day. And, yes, you risk it all for that sweet, succulent taste of real life. The smell, the vivid colors, the fear, the sweat, the sky, the love, oh the burning love makes it worthwhile. Most of us return to force certain events, inventions, new ideas, save someone, ensure someone is born, but, some of us enjoy war on earth. That is why there is always a baby boom just before a good war. I personally haven’t missed a good war on earth, ever. Except I did miss WW1. I chose to be young in WW2 instead, actually all the WW1 slots were filled. From early history if a good war was on the horizon, by golly I was there. Yes, I know who George Patton is, but I am not in his click of friends. We do, however follow the same patterns and are usually in the same wars. To battle, sometimes you can’t be choosy on which side you fight. There are only so many slots to be filled by reincarnation, the rest are newbies (first life).

Most people live one life, do good and go to Heaven. And, then have absolutely NO desire to return. Can’t blame them really. You could screw up royally and loose your chance to return to Heaven. Why war? Ah, live hard, live fast, die young and taste the best of love life has to offer. And you get to fight to the death and that is a ten on the excitement level my friend. You have to follow the laws of the land, so, if war is okay, killing in battle is approved and legal. Earth has the best battles, there is so much hatred and mistrust here, it is intoxicating.

Now, goodness I am over sixty years old. Never lived past thirty years before in any lifetime. It hurts, getting old. I missed Vietnam by a few months, pissed me off. My draft number was #314 but they only drafted up to #72 that year, 1973. Tried to volunteer, no luck. I did get to join the USMC much later in life, when I was 32. Paris Island at 32, was painful, but I was thrilled and proud to be there. I did finally get to go to war, for five measly days. Who’s idea was it to fight for five days, stupid. Anyway, I was in Desert Storm, which only lasted five short days. My life should have been over, but it wasn’t. So now I am called upon to share my knowledge. In all my previous lives if I had said, “I have lived previous lives” I would have been killed as a heretic. This is the first time in the history of mankind I can share my knowledge openly. I have been here, on earth, from the beginning. I came to earth first during Pangaea 200 million years ago. There have been several rounds of intelligent life on earth before mankind. I do hope I get to share some of the stories of previous civilizations on earth, you will love them. I’ll say this, all the easy surface gold was mines several times over the past millions of years. Gold is of universal value on every planet, and many civilizations swarm planet to planet rapeing each planet of its easy gold.

I would like to say I came back only because I enjoyed it, but I would be lieing. I had a karmic debt I had to work off. It is done with this life, I am to say. My karmic debt was to humans in general and to a few humans in particular. One day I hope to write about it. Doubtful I will return. Earth is entering “phase three” life where there is world wide cooperation and wars here on out will be smaller guerrilla type actions, i’m afraid. Have to find another planer, or wait for mankind to stage a real rebellion or to be invaded. There are very few warring planets like earth, so, invasion is highly unlikely. You will find most off world civilizations are friendly and greedy. We all have something to sell. That is how I came to earth in the first place, from an interplanetary sale and exchange. Mankind had a deep set distrust and hatred wired into our DNA. From Cain and Abel times, it continues to flow in our blood.  Thanks for listening, it has been my pleasure.

Reincarnation is NOT a progression from an animal to a human. It is an opportunity to come back and right some error. An error, not so bad to miss Heaven in the first place.


NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-


Okay, I will share one war story. Desert Storm January 1990. We were going up against an artillery unit. Nice thing in the desert, you know where the enemy is long before you get there. We spent the night out of range and were going to take part in a coordinated attack in the morning. Before we got started an Iraqi officer surrendered and walked into our camp. The officers talked with him for an hour or so. Made several calls to Second Marine Division to decide what to do. Finally the Iraqi officer wanted tea to drink. Everyone in our company of 150 men drank coffee, except me. I carried my own stash. The officers brought him over and asked me to make him some tea. Not a problem. I got two canteen cups filled them with water. I got a couple spoon chunks of C4 and laid it on the sand. I lit the chunks which burns very hot. Now C4 burns steadily without pressure. You always let it burn out on it’s own. Evidently someone tried to stomp it out once and blew his foot off. C4 we had plenty of, as an engineering unit. Otherwise, there was nothing in the desert to burn except dried out camel dung. In three or four minutes we had boiling water. I brewed the tea, offered him his choice of cups and I drank the other. Well, everyone left us alone for half an hour, so we had private time to smoke cigarettes and talk, he liked my Marlboro’s.

This officer had gone to Princeton College in NJ. He spoke perfect English. He had studied US military history and engineering. I was honored to meet and talk with this man, I have long forgotten his name. I told him about my life, wife, where we lived in Tennessee. Great conversation. When they escorted him away to take him to G4 to be interrogated he offered his watch to me. Several guys ran over to tell me he wants me to take his watch. Oh, I saw it, a Rolex, with Saddam Hussein’s smiling face on the flat and 23 diamonds around the face. Each diamond was perfect clarity, identically sized and each was somewhat over a caret, maybe one and a quarter caret. Oh yes, I saw it, THE watch. At the time I lived in a house worth seventy thousand and had one car, a ten year old Honda Civic. THE watch was worth more than my entire net worth. A gift like that is a life changer. I could use it’s value to pay off my mortgage and never have to worry about bills again.

Before I could jump up and run  over to get my gift, something deep in my heart stopped me. This clear persistent inner voice said I could not accept this gift. Now, this scene repeated four or five times over seven or eight minutes. Another group would run over and tell me to get THE watch. Each time I said no. The last time and officer came over and said, ” Are you going to take the watch or not?” I had to say no. All the time he was standing sixty feet away. I could only stare at the ground. I knew if I looked at him again I would accept his gift. The voice told me I would never get to keep it. I bargained with the voice, offering it to mail it home, have the officers to keep it, hide it, or send it to Division to be put in a safe. But nothing worked, I would never get to keep it. It was safer with the Iraqi officer. At the time I did not understand that moment in time at all. It was a clean offer, a very nice gift and I said “no”???

A week later I was in an explosion. My uniform was blown off except my belt and boots. I was bleeding from my knees up, all over. At the first aid station they cut off all my cloths, patched me up and in fifteen minutes I was on a helicopter on my way to a hospital. Here is where you can appreciate technology, they called my wife, she got to hear the helicopter take off from thousands of miles away. They thought I was blind but should live. I have to say bad news sure travels fast. After I left the hospital I did not return to my unit and all my belongings were dived out and simply disappeared. My first day out of the hospital I realized my $38 Timex Iron Man watch was gone. Don’t know if I lost it in the explosion, first aid station, helicopter or at the hospital. It was just gone. At that moment I understood why I could not take THE watch as a gift.  There was nothing I could have done to keep it safe.

So to the Iraqi Officer, who was educated at Princeton, Thank You! Thanks for you generous offer and I certainly meant no disrespect by not taking THE watch as you so kindly offered to me. Bless you in life, I wish you well. You are by far the best enemy I have ever met. See you in Heaven.



WHAT??? Jewish rejection of Jesus Caused both World Wars -AND- created Islam.

What would the world be like now if the Jews had accepted Jesus and Christianity at the time of his life?

  1. First you combine Christianity and Judaism into one religion and start there.
  2. Second eliminate both world wars because Jews do not attack Jews.
  3. Third you eliminate all of Islam for there would have been no divisions at the time of Mohamed as there were between the Jews and Christians earlier. Islam simply would never have the opportunity to take hold and begin. Some Muslims may still exist but only as unorganized local peasant workers.

Just looking at those three changes alone: all the Americas (North, Central & South), Africa, Europe, Australia, and half of Asia would all be Jews. More than half the planet would be Jewish right now today. That would leave only Hindu’s, Buddha’s, and Confuses on the planet to compete with Judaism. The rest of the planet would be at peace under one religion with the Jews. Different world, eh? REMEMBER one man can change the world.

Jesus lived a sin free life, Jesus rose from the dead therefore Jesus is the very BEST example of mankind. Jesus is worthy to be acknowledged as our best guide to facilitate out good lifestyles so we can all join him and God in Heaven. Jesus is worthy to mimic and emulate and follow.

Imagine earth today of almost all one unified religion. Peace on earth would have existed for two thousand years. But a few jealous priests spoiled it for all of us. They could not accept some back wood hick as a peaceful leader.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-

God is Magnanimous.

Lets look at this Son of Man. He was the prophesied leader of the Jews. He was to be born so many generations after Moses and so many generations after David and so on. The two hundred year window for his birth passes two thousand years ago. Look, the Jews were expecting a manly king to crush the Romans and avenge their persecutions. They did not expect or like some backyard hick preaching love, compassion, and forgiveness. When you look back and sum of all the Jewish prophesies at the time, Jesus is the ONLY candidate to fulfill them all.


Let me try to tell you how big God is. Our entire universe, with all its stars and planets, is a tiny microscopic dot  when compared to God. So to say a human is his son is impossible. God being so much larger than all of us and he chooses to have ALL of us beside him. His love is equal for each of us and He has beings from many worlds and many other galaxies and other universes it would be pampas to assume Jesus is His son. Anyway for over a thousand years after Jesus death, no one ever made such a claim. Jesus himself, never made such a claim.

Time for a disclaimer, Jesus lived a sin free life, Jesus rose from the dead therefore Jesus is the very BEST of mankind. Jesus is worthy to be our best example to facilitate out good lifestyles so we can all join him and God in Heaven. Jesus is worthy to mimic and emulate and follow. But, he is not THE Son of God.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-




God Picked Adam and Eve From Existing Live “stock” on Earth.

Okay, the Biblical stories of Adam and Eve are 100% true. That said, the words did not exist to accurately portray what happened and how it happened. Because we have entered the next level of cooperative humanity, the Digital Age, a clarification is in order. In the time of Moses there were, what, about 1,000 words or there-about. Lets see, perfect example, there was one word for rib, stick, tree, bone, staff, limb  and shore line. And this left room for a lot of adaptation of later translators. Now let me honor King James, he did his best with the words available. I have found no errors or fault with King James’es work I found it unquestionably perfect with the words available at the time.

Today we can openly discuss these events without fear of persecution. Just two hundred years ago, I would be killed by the Church for writing this, hearsay. Today’s English language has 1.5 million non-medical and non-law words. Plus humans have evolved into the digital age and we have cooled from world wars so we are now at “LEVEL 3” awareness. Where Level 1 is pre-God life (monkeys and dinosaurs) and Level 2 is after Adam was bestowed access to Heavenly life by God. Level 3 is a more advanced society with planetary cooperation and understanding of why we are here and living in a more sustainable lifestyle.

Now, Adam was selected from Level 1 earth stock. This is proven by DNA and evolution. Remember, God’s spirit flew and visited earth and found it teeming with life. He picked Adam and found him to be self aware, intelligent, cooperative, empathetic, honest and caring. So, God breathed His Breath of Everlasting Life into Adam. He gave him a soul that is copied in Heaven, NOT duplicated, this is important. A part of Adam exists in Heaven, permanently connected to God. AND, this gift is automatically transferred to his decedents upon conception. I repeat not birth, but conception,  for all you Pro-choicer’s out there. Abortion is an unnecessary evil and a sin against life and God. Without God’s Breath of Life, animals live and die and return to the dust of the earth to be recycled again.

At the time, sin did not exist. Therefore animalistic desires do not constitute sin. This includes killing to eat, killing to protect clan or family and such things animals do. Sin, we will discuss more thoroughly elsewhere, is the rejection of God. All sin is the willful rejection of God. Therefore, at the time, earth was sin free, therefore God and Heaven could be revealed to Adam. To us, God is absolute love, and therefore cannot exist where there is sin. So, the peace of Heaven was revealed to Adam. Adam existed in a special state of awareness. He was on earth and he could see, at least in part, Heaven. Remember, no weeds, no toil, no anger or hostility, etc. There is no such place on earth so the Garden of Eden was a “state of being” rather than a physical location and could have been located anywhere.

I am getting ahead of myself again. Adam could immediately converse with God. Remember, God had him name everything, so Adam had intelligence already. There is no mention of a learning curve, so when Adam received his soul from the Breath of Life, he could immediately communicate with God. This is important later.

God saw Adam was lonely. Being comprised of chimpanzee stock Adam could have sex just fine, chimp’s average, what, every twenty minutes between sexual secessions. But he was lonely and he needed an emotional partner. This is important, Eve was not necessarily a sexual partner alone. Eve was to be an emotional partner first, sexual partner second. Read “God Removed Adams Baculum Bone” written in this post last year for a better explanation of this concept. Clearly, God picking Adam first and working with Adam throughout, Adam is considered the head of household. He is not meant to “rule” over Eve but emotionally confide and share with her. God provided Eve to meet Adam’s emotional needs. At the same time God established the first marriage. God removed Adams baculum bone so sex was no longer a routine but required arousal and interest to be together. Thus this surgery enhanced the commitment aspects of the relationship. The surgery bonded them as the first humans and the first to have access to Heaven.

Thus, God is empathetic and compassionate and wise with Adam as He is with us.

God created Adam from the dust of the earth. Yes, but not like you think. It was an evolutionary process. You see, when God showed Moses the history of everything He only had a week with Moses. So the first day, second day and so on was recording the events revealed to Moses “on those days”. The events Moses saw took billions of years to evolve. Again there were no words for evolution or even billions of years. Moses simply recorded what he saw on each day. Now if Moses saw twenty billion years in six days that is three billion years per day. So when the bacteria in the ocean became simple life and spawned in the mud into small creatures into small animals then into mammals to Moses it visually happened in seconds or minutes. But, actually it was about a million years for the evolution of Adam. So, yes the Bible is correct in every way. Our interpretation is a little outdated.

Why? Why does God do this for us? Well we will cover this in another section. He certainly wasn’t lonely. He certainly doesn’t need us. But He does like and love us. You see, God has the Metaverse in front of him. It is hypnotic. It is like a darker, somewhat opaque sun. It vibrates, pulsates, swirls, flashes, chimes, hums, clicks, churns and pops. Occasionally He noticed intelligent order was created within the chaos of His Metaverse. He decided to harvest this intelligence and place the tiny bits of intelligence beside Him. This is how Heaven began. We are the tiny bits of intelligence and order he plucked from the chaos of His Metaverse. Our universe is a tiny bubble within the Metaverse. Anyway, all this is covered elsewhere. Bless you, in the name of God, the Almighty!

So, bottom line: Both evolution and Creationism are correct. All these years of haggling and fighting have been for naught. Read: “Evolution and Creationism are both correct” and “God did not create the world in six days. But, He did spend a week with Moses” and “The areas between Heaven and earth” all posted last year on this site.

NOTE: These postings are unedited notes to be written into the forthcoming book “The ELHAIH”. ELHAIH is an acronym for Enlightened Living; Here and in Heaven.   -M-